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Adult Ballet Program

Beginner and intermediate adult classes are available to teens and adults (16+ years old).

Adult students over the age of 21, please take adult classes listed on schedule and not classes with our school youth program. 

Thank you!

Currently, we do not offer pointe or performance opportunities for adult classes. 

Scroll down below to FAQ for further information and our class card options and

important class card policy information.


Adult Beginner

Ballet Class

Adult Beginner Ballet Technique Class is a basic ballet technique class suitable for the beginner teen/adult (16+) who would like to work in a slower paced environment. In the Beginner class, attention is paid to proper body alignment, use of the legs and feet, and developing movement sequences through coordination of the arms and head throughout barre and center. 


Please note this class can be taken by absolute beginners with no experience, but the beginner class is not tailored to teach you the basic terminology or steps broken down, rather a fluid ballet technique class, barre to center just at a slower pace. If you are an absolute beginner we recommend a new class, Fundamentals of Ballet, a 10-week session, either separate or in conjunction with Beginner Ballet. The Fundamentals class is for those looking to learn the basics of ballet- terminology and how to properly execute basic steps. Check below for more details, dates, and future sessions of Fundamentals of Ballet.



Adult Beginner 

Fundamentals of Ballet


We are excited to offer a new  Fundamentals of Ballet for Adult Beginners or anyone wishing to study basic ballet technique more deeply.

Fundamentals of Ballet will be a 10-week comprehensive, progressive series that builds on information from week to week though the session.

Students should sign up for the full 10 week session.

See our Fundamentals class description below!! 

First 10 week session Tuesdays 5:30 -6:30pm 

Sept 12- November 14.


Adult Intermediate Ballet Class

The Intermediate adult class welcomes teen/adult (16+) with at least 3+ years of committed ballet training. Students attending this class are expected to know barre and center vocabulary as well as petite allegro, pirouettes, combinations from the corner and grand allegro. The combinations given are more complex. 

If you are unsure of leveling, please contact the studio and we can help you determine your appropriate class level.

Fundamentals Of Ballet

for Adult Beginners

10 week Session 

Cost of Session $150

FIRST SESSION Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm 

September 12- November 14

Register on our online portal

(Registration for this session will end on September 19. Check back for future offerings!)

Ballet Fundamentals is offered as a 10 week session

(potentially there will be other sessions offered periodically throughout the season, pending enrollment.) 

This class is designed for the ballet “true beginner,” introducing the foundation of ballet technique in a way designed specifically for adult dancers.  We will discuss and learn ballet terminology, basic placement and posture for ballet, how to execute basic steps in the safest and most correct manner, and why these steps are used.  Fundamentals is meant to be more of a working discussion/lecture type class.  We will be exploring and moving, but also talking through points of ballet technique and related questions. Please note this is not a traditional classical ballet class, rather a lecture and learn class.


Ballet Fundamentals prepares new dancers to join Adult Beginner Ballet. Ballet Fundamentals is a great supplement for beginning dancers. It can be taken alone or in conjunction with our beginner ballet class. The fundamentals class is an opportunity to study key points to the artform of ballet, polish the foundations of basic technique, explore concepts to help with your technique in beginner ballet class, and deepen your understanding of how ballet technique is executed. 


Our Fundamentals class will support the brand new or more curious dancer on “everything ballet” to aid in understanding and following along more confidently in the Beginner Adult Ballet class.


Attire:  please wear comfortable clothing to move in, ballet shoes or socks. Feel free to bring Notebook and pen/pencil to write down any info you wish! 


10 week Session registration required

Registration available on your portal or by emailing


Class cards will not be accepted for the Fundamentals class. Session is a separate charge of $150. The fee for this class is non refundable and not subject to partial or prorated attendance or refunds. Makeups will not be offered, exception a cancellation by the studio.  This class is meant to continue learning new material from week to week, building upon the previous week’s subject matter, so students must register for the full 10 week session.


Please feel free to reach out with any questions.


Looking forward to offering a new great experience for our fabulous Ballet Arts adults!


Ballet at the Barre

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