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Class Attire

© Photo by Diana Iversen/ dpiphotography

Presentation is very important in dance.  Please dress properly and neatly for class- no jewelry (other than small earrings)

  • PINK FOOTED TIGHTS AND BLACK/PINK/SOLID COLOR LEOTARD for all ladies/girls. No tutus, attached skirts or dresses.  Please take care that undergarments, if needed at all, are not visible under tights. (Note:  Intermediate and advance students- your tights serve as underwear in dance.) Please no tan tights or footless tights, especially for performances.

  • SKIRTS:  It is easier for the instructor to see correct placement without skirts. Therefore, skirts are at the discretion of the individual instructor. Tight warm-up (i.e. legwarmers) are allowed in the winter months at the discretion of the instructor.

  • HAIR: Hair should be pulled back neatly away from the face and secured in a bun for ballet or back in a ponytail for other dance classes.  Girls with very short hair should still pull their hair away from the face with clips or headband.

  • SHOES: Pink canvas or leather ballet flat shoes for ladies, and black or white for gentlemen. The drawstrings of the ballet slippers should be tied and tucked neatly inside the shoe or knotted and cut. Elastics should be sewn properly on shoe and not tied. Pointe shoes are for students deemed ready by the staff on an individual basis. Dancers will be informed when they are allowed to begin taking pointe classes and what type of pointe shoe to shop for at a proper dancewear shop with fitting.

  • GENTLEMEN:  Boys are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing, such as loose pants or shorts, a solid color T-shirt tucked in, white socks & white or black ballet shoes.   Boys in intermediate and advanced classes should wear a white, form-fitting T-shirt, black footed tights and black ballet shoes, and a Dance belt/support.

  • Please wear street clothes when entering and exiting the building.

  • ADULT CLASSES:  Anything comfortable is appropriate for adult ballet. The attire ranges from Leotard and tights to leggings and tank top. Please no bare feet and no mid-drift tops. 

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