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Ages 3½-4 

Classes focus on correct ballet class behavior, including taking turns, following directions, and respecting one another. Activities and exercises encourage basic coordination skills, motor skills, musicality, creativity, introductory ballet vocabulary, and experiencing the joy of moving to music. 

© Photo by Diana Iversen/ dpiphotography

Ballet I-II

Beginner Levels

Beginner ballet technique for all ages. 

With a strong emphasis on musicality and correct placement, students are introduced to vocabulary of beginning ballet barre work, center work, and traveling across the floor exercises. 

Students take 1-3 technique classes a week.

Ballet I starts at the age of 7 at BABC.

© Photo by Diana Iversen/ dpiphotography

Ballet V & VI

Advanced Levels

In-depth knowledge of technique required by advance level. Focus in classes turn to strengthening, precision, and artistry.  Classes work to master the advanced ballet technique and further improve on turnout, placement, and more complex steps.

Adv students take 4-6 classes a week;  Adv professional track- 10 classes weekly

© Photo by Diana Iversen/ dpiphotography


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, lyrical, ballet and jazz.  It is important for dancers to be versatile in dance and contemporary class offers students a chance to explore different ways of moving and improvising. 

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Adult Classes

Adult/Teen Ballet Classes- Now offering Beginner and Intermediate Levels! Please contact the studio to register. 

No drop-ins.

Please note:  Beginner and intermediate adult classes are available to teens and adults (16+ years old). Adult students over the age of 21, please take Adult classes listed on schedule and not classes with our school youth program. Thank you!

Currently, we do not offer pointe or performance opportunities for adult classes. 

Adult classes use class cards for payment. Please contact us for new class card policies.

Want more info on Adult Classes??

Visit this link >>

Strong Ballerina

Ages 5-6

Building upon Pre-Ballet skills, classes in Kinderballet focus on ballet class manners and the importance of practice.  Students are taught technical ballet skills appropriate to the physical and mental abilities of this age group with a focus on musicality, creativity and expression through movement.

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Ballet III-IV

Intermediate Levels

Building on the basics learning in Beginner level ballet, students explore more complex steps and technique. Additional vocabulary is introduced as well as new steps in the ballet syllabus. Classes work to improve memory of combinations and corrections and discipline.  Students further develop strength, placement, flexibility.

Ballet 3 students take 2-3 and Ballet 4 students take 3-5 technique classes a week.

© Photo by Diana Iversen/ dpiphotography

Pointe and Variations

As students demonstrate the skill, strength, and commitment necessary for pointe, they will be invited by the staff to work on pointe.  Classes focus on developing correct placement on pointe and the skills necessary to master the placement and strength of the feet and ankles.  

Pointe Students are required to consistently take a minimum of two technique classes weekly in addition to pointe for their safety and the difficulty and strength required of dancing on pointe. 

© Photo by Diana Iversen/ dpiphotography

Character for Ballet

All of the great full length ballets include Character dance, which is a stylized version of classical dance with roots in traditional folk dance and national dances.   Influenced mostly by European countries where ballet originated, Character class allows students to learn the typical styles of Character dance seen in ballets like Coppélia, Swan Lake, Raymonda, and Nutcracker to name a few.  

* Character shoes (small heeled shoes) recommended but not required for class

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