Ballet Arts of Bucks County Student Rules and Guidelines 

Thank you for choosing Ballet Arts of Bucks County (BABC) for your dance education and training! Dancers carry a tradition of discipline, respect, manners, and grace at ALL ages.  Please thoroughly read the studio policies and expectations of Ballet Arts students and parents below.  Thank you for your attention to these policies.

Sincerely, Kathleen Dwyer, Artistic Director and the staff at Ballet Arts of Bucks County

*Printed copies are available at the studio office*


STUDIO RULES for the Students:

  • Gum, food and drink (other than water) are not permitted in class.

  • Talking in class is not allowed. Hands should be raised when there is a question for the teacher. Wait quietly for instruction from the teacher and while others are dancing.

  • Hanging on barres and touching the mirrors is not permitted.

  • Please allow for time before class to use the restroom. Requests during class are a distraction to both the student and other classmates.

  • Show respect for fellow dancers. Keep your hands to yourself.

  • Be respectful if you are a little late for class. Wait for the end of an exercise, quietly enter, and apologize to the instructor.  If you know ahead of time that you will need to leave a little early, please notify the instructor prior to class starting.  Before leaving, politely let the instructor know before dismissing yourself quietly.

  • Corrections from teachers are important for development and proper training.  Getting corrections from our dance instructors is how we grow. It is not a criticism but a desire for improvement and growth from teacher to student. Quietly observing other students in class is another great way to learn. The study of dance necessitates physical contact between the instructor and student and sometimes between students.  “Hands on” adjustment of a student’s body to correct alignment and technique is standard in dance instruction.

  • Bullying will not be tolerated.

STUDIO RULES for the Parents:

  • Parents and guardians are responsible for students’ and siblings’ behavior and safety before and after class. Young children may not be left in the waiting room unattended. Hallways are shared by other businesses, therefore, please keep quiet and no running in hallways.

  • Students should attend class on time, arriving a few minutes early to prepare- warm up, use restroom, change shoes and clothes.  Arriving after class begins is a distraction to students.  It is not physically safe to attend class mid- way through and not properly warmed up.   Participation after arriving late to class is to the discretion of the individual instructor. If the student is more than 15 minutes late and not permitted to take the class, it will be considered an absence and will need to take a makeup class.

  •  Please notify the studio prior to any absence.

  • Please walk your child up to the studio, and meet them upstairs at the studio promptly after class. If you are running late or in an emergency situation, please call the office (215) 896 3138.  Sometimes running late picking up your child is unavoidable, however, please do not let this become frequent.

  •  Students should not enter or leave the studio alone. If you drop off your child outside the studio or arrange for your child to wait for you outside the studio, you assume full responsibility for their safety.  BABC is not responsible for the well-being of any student who leaves the studio.

  • Parents should wait in the lobby during class to avoid distractions to the teacher and students.

  • Since young children often need to use the bathroom or need a parent at a moment’s notice, parents or guardians of children 5 and under should remain in the lobby or hallways for classes 40 minutes or shorter in length.

  • Please keep parent teacher conversations and greetings in the lobby between classes short. Longer questions should be addressed in email or by phone.

  • If your child feels ill, please do not bring her/him to class. Keep everyone healthy!


  • No food is allowed in the studios at any time. Please dispose of any food containers in the waiting room trash bins.

  •  Keep the dressing room and lobby clean!

  • No outside shoes on the dance studio floor.

  • Please label your belongings. Ballet Arts of Bucks County is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles. Lost and found items left unclaimed will be donated at the end of the year (notification one week prior).

  • No cell phones in the studio.

  • School closing announcements due to weather will be posted on our website home page (if time permits) and the Ballet Arts Facebook page or by calling the office for information.  We will also email you to alert you of any other unforeseen emergency closings. Please be sure to supply an accurate email address and emergency contact phone number on your registration form. Most communication will be through the internet or handouts.   Snow days can be made up at your convenience. No additional days will be added to the calendar.  In an emergency cancellation, for example faculty sickness, you will be notified and the class will either be substituted or rescheduled. We will make every effort to notify of cancellations- email, phone, social media, and website (when possible).

  • Any student with a prolonged injury or illness will require a doctor’s note to return to class. If a dancer has a minor injury, it is a requirement to attend class and observe while taking notes.

  • Please refer to the website for details on class placement/requirements, class descriptions, tuition policies, and dance attire requirements.



  • Performance is part of the reward for all of a dance student’s hard work and devotion. We consider the experience of performing before a live audience, as well as the process of working on a performance, a valuable part of our training program.  

  • All students who are taking appropriate amount of weekly classes for a given level are invited to participate in an annual Spring and/or Holiday performance during year round session.  Dance classes that students take at other schools will not be considered in the requirements for BABC advance level or Pointe technique requirements OR for BABC performances for any level.

  • Performance fees cover rehearsal time, costume rental, scenery, props, and dress rehearsal rental fee.  

  • All audience members, including all parents and family members, must purchase tickets.

  • Students must attend all classes, rehearsals and performances in order to participate. (Rehearsal schedule will be included with performance sign up form, and posted at the studio.) Attendance at Dress Rehearsal is MANDATORY.

  • Rehearsals for Holiday Showcase begin in late September to early October, and for the Spring Dance Concert in late February to early March. 

  • We greatly appreciate all parent volunteers! Volunteer sign-up sheets go up in the studio, are emailed, and indicated on student’s performance sign up form. If any parent has special skills involved in a theatrical production, such as with scenery, set, arts, sewing, etc., and are interested in helping out with any performance, please let us know!


  • Class Frequency Requirements (Weekly):  Ballet I and I/II- one to two classes; Ballet II and III two to three classes; Ballet III- two to three classes; Intermediate (Ballet IV)- Three to Five classes: Advanced (Ballet V and VI)- four to six technique (students take combination of Intermediate and Advanced levels); Advanced Professional Track: discuss with artistic staff ; Pointe I and II: Students must demonstrate necessary strength and technical skill for pointe and  are by staff invitation ONLY.  For the safety of the student and the difficulty and strength required dancing on pointe,  Pointe I and II students are required to consistently attend a minimum of FOUR technique classes a week (2 out of 4 required classes MUST be ballet technique and NOT a supplemental dance class like character or contemporary.

  • Dance classes that students take at other schools will not be considered in the requirements for BABC advance level or Pointe technique requirements or for BABC performances for any level.

  • All students will be carefully placed in the class that fits their technique.  BABC reserves the right to professionally determine the class level of the student, regardless of age.  Class level will not be a subject for parent or student decision or negotiation.

  • All students are required to attend all assigned classes according to level and placement.

  • Any level changes will be made at the sole recommendation of the BABC staff. 

  • New student assessments for level and placement will be determined before registering. Please contact the office prior to attending to determine the best class to attend for this assessment.

  • Ages may differ in classes beginning Ballet I and up.  Our emphasis is on the student’s technical achievement and the level that encourages the most progress.



  • Registration is $25 per student or $30 per family and non-refundable.

  • All payments must be made prior to first class taken. First month’s tuition is due at time of registration.

  • Tuition is non- refundable and not subject to pro-rated partial attendance.  Students are encouraged to make-up any missed classes in student’s level or lower level. Make-up classes should be made up as soon as possible and within the session missed. If a student only attends one class within the month, full monthly tuition payment will still be due.

  • Tuition is due on the 1st of the month even when the studio is closed. Payments can be handed in at the studio, dropped in the tuition box, mailed to the studio or paid online at 

  • A Late fee of $10 will be applied after the 10th of the month. Returned check fee is $25.

  • Family discount- 10 % off applied to lesser value of additional sibling(s) tuition (registration for family $30)

  • Family discount only applicable to ballet/dance program.  Discount does not apply to any Ballet Arts FIT classes.  

  • Fall through Spring session tuition is based on a monthly rate, calculated by an average of 4 classes a month for classes that meet 36 times between September- June.

  • Withdrawals: Any schedule changes must be submitted in writing and approved by BABC. Please give ten days written notice or by email prior to withdrawing from a class. If we are not properly notified we will assume the student is still registered in class(es).

  • Classes are subject to change or cancellation.

  • Single ballet class drop-in rate: $18/hr; $20/ hour and half class.  Professional dancer rate; $15/class

  • Single drop in Ballet Arts FIT /Adult Ballet class: $18; Class cards are only available for Ballet Arts FIT/adult ballet class- 5 class card- $75, 10 class card $140- please purchase at the office only. No online class card payment option. Ballet Arts FIT class cards expire 3 months from purchase date.

  • Male students 7 yrs+ - please ask for scholarship opportunities.

  • Work study opportunities available for Int/Adv levels- please inquire for details.  This is a great opportunity for older students to inspire and mentor the younger students by becoming a teacher’s assistant. Also great for volunteer hours needed for academic school projects!​

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