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Congratulations Class of 2023

Sophia Hartwig

Dancing at Ballet Arts of Bucks County for student for 15 years

Graduating from CB East High School


Next adventure...Bates College-

Lewiston, Maine

Ballet Words of Wisdom from Sophia:

“Ballet has taught me essential life skills like balancing on the box of plaster pointe shoe tip, walking in a diagonal line, and never dance for more than 3 hours un-caffeinated! Perhaps the most important thing I learned was that particular type of feeling you get when you know you have found your niche. Besides the physical benefits of ballet, I hadn’t known the emotional benefits it would bring me, as well.  I was able to create a lot of meaningful friendships at my time at Ballet Arts and for that I am eternally grateful. Knowing Kathleen and Bridget and everyone at the studio had made me a better person. I’m probably always going to miss the studio, but I am grateful to have spent my time there.”

Liliane May

Danced at Ballet Arts of Bucks County for 15 years


Graduating from CB West High School

Next adventure...Lycoming College-  

Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Words of Ballet Wisdom from Liliane:


“I was never one of those kids who tried gymnastics, soccer, field hockey, and more, ever since I was about 3 years old it’s always been ballet. But this sport has taught me everything I could possibly need to make it through school and life overall. I am forever grateful for the work ethic and perseverance that ballet has helped me improve over the years to the point where I feel better prepared for what is ahead. Bridget, Kathleen, and Jen have been truly essential in forming the person I have grown into. I can’t imagine the skills, confidence, and determination I would have lacked without their teaching. I owe it all to Ballet Arts of Bucks County and while I will miss this dearly I know my training will always stay with me. Thank you."

Jenessa Gill

Danced at Ballet Arts of Bucks County for 4 years


Graduating from Pennsylvania Cyber School


Next adventure...Anderson University

Anderson, Indiana

Words of Ballet Wisdom from Jenessa:

"I came to Ballet Arts 4 years ago. Not only has my time here improved my dancing, but it also gave me a family. Without all of my classmates and of course Kathleen, Jen, and Bridget I truly wouldn’t be the person or dancer I am today. It takes a lot more than just technique and years of practice to become a dancer.  You also need a ton of support which I am so grateful to have received from not only my teachers, but from my peers as well. Everyone of my classmates have made a huge impact on my life. I have never met such an amazing group of ladies. The memories I’ve made at Ballet Arts I will take with me to college. I will not just dance for myself,
but for the family and friends I have here. If I had to give any wise words to any of my peers I’d say: listen to your teachers, strengthen your body as well as your mind, and most importantly believe in yourself. Truly anything is possible with amazing dance teachers and friends."

Best Wishes!
We will miss you.

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