• If you DO NOT FEEL WELL and/or HAVE A FEVER, dry cough or any flu like symptoms DO NOT ATTEND IN-STUDIO CLASSES

  • If your student or someone who lives in your household has been exposed to COVID, DO NOT ATTEND IN-STUDIO CLASSES. Please keep our studio as safe as possible, so we can continue to dance!

  • Students should arrive 10 minutes before class.  Please do not arrive late.

  • Students should wait in the hallway for instructions from the staff to enter the studio lobby.  We will ask one student at a time and show each student where to place their belongings when entering.  Staff will dismiss one at a time. Barres , stools, door handles, etc will be wiped down after each class and/or before the next class.

  • Students must arrive already dressed in their clean ballet clothes.  Hair MUST be already put up in a bun at home.  Please use a small compact  ballet bag , carrying only necessities and  ballet shoes.

  • Limit your drop off to as few people as possible (one parent and limited siblings).  If your child is old enough and you feel comfortable, you can send your student upstairs alone.  If requested a student can provide the teacher with a phone number, and  staff will text you  that your child has made it  up to the studio safely. 

  • NO ONE except for staff and dancers will be allowed into the Ballet Arts Lobby and Dressing Room. We ask that you limit your waiting in our halls, if possible leaving and  coming back to pick up.  We will have only a few benches and stools set out in hallways. Please be respectful and social distance when picking up and dropping off.  Both sides of the building will be open to enter, however the front Main Street entrance has the least number of touch points entering and exiting. 

  • Street shoes will stay out in halls under benches. Dancers will bring their small bag to a designated spot in the studio.

  • Cell phones must be left in the dance bags.  No cell phones allowed for use in the studio at all. 

  • Masks are required by adults dropping or picking students up in the building.   Masks are optional for  very young dancers, but we highly suggest wearing one, especially students 8+ years old.  Please follow any changes in the Pennsylvania State Mandates for mask wearing. 

  • Dancers are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer in their dance bag.  We will do our best to provide hand sanitizer as well. We encourage everyone to wash their hands before and after  each class.

  • We will be asking everyone to leave the bathroom doors open after use, so that they don't lock  behind you, and to facilitate easier handwashing.  

  • The staff will make every attempt to plan their classes with social distancing in mind. We will be marking the floor with tape to help younger students become more spatially aware. 

© 2018 by Ballet Arts of Bucks County. 

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