Online Tutorials

Here are a few short tutorials you can use if you need a little help with what to do while at home.  We are doing our best to continue to provide some educational and helpful tools to stay active and moving while on this unexpected and undetermined length of break. (All videos have a full screen option in the lower right corner)  

Thank you for your continued support and patience! We will make every effort to offer makeup classes once the studio reopens. More information will be made available on makeups when the length of closure is determined. 


PARENTS:    Please supervise your children in these online ballet activities! Thank you!

Preballet & Kinderballet

Preballet/Kinderballet Warmup - 3/20/20
Preballet and Kinderballet Ms. Puffy Song and Ballet Steps 3/20/20
Preballet/Kinderballet Warmup - 3/27/20
Preballet and Kinderballet Ms. Puffy Song and Ballet Steps 3/27/20

Levels 1-3

Ballet 1-2 Warmup & Barre 3/20/20
Ballet 2-3 Barre 3/20/20
Ballet 1 Warmup & Barre 3/27/20
Ballet 1/2 - 3 Barre 3/27/20

Levels 4-6

Ballet 4-6 Barre 3/20/20

Ballet 5/6 Pointe Barre 3/26- from Zoom

Theraband Session- foot strengthening exercises with theraband (can be performed same way without the band)
Int/Adv Stretch class 3/20/20
Saturday Zoom class 3/28- partially recorded


BALLET ARTS  Levels 4-6

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