Guest Instructors

Graciela Perrone

Guest Flamenco Instructor- MASTER CLASS

Graciela was born in Montevideo, Uruguay.  Seeing Graciela Perrone dance, sing and paint is a truly evocative experience. Her voice is majestically authentic and her body is aggressively graceful when dancing, the physical embodiment of the music it represents. Her music is not her only love; in fact she draws off it for her first love, painting. Bold and compelling, her oil paintings capture the expressions and movement of flamenco with passion. She has found a way to take these dramatically different art forms and blend them together as if they were always meant to co-exist.

In 1997, Perrone immigrated to the United States where her continued quest to develop her art guided her to discover flamenco dancing. Flamenco dancing would become her most valuable source of inspiration. Ms. Perrone settled in Louisville , KY where she joined the Ballet Español, under the direction of Mara Maldonado. Perrone taught and danced in the ballet for several years and has studied flamenco in Jerez de la Frontera, Granada , Cadiz , Sevilla , Madrid . Graciela has performed in international cafes and on the campuses of Western Kentucky University and the University of Louisville. She has performed with the Louisville Orchestra, Kentucky Opera, Cincinnati Opera, and San Diego Symphony. She was invited from the Consulate of Uruguay to represent her country with paintings and dance at the Ibero-American exhibit at the Robert Morris Gallery at the University in Chicago. She has been performing with Tim Ries, saxophonist of the Rolling Stones, in the Rolling Stones Project in New York, Chicago, Michigan, Philadelphia, and Louisville , KY. Graciela performed at Woodsongs in Lexington,KY and has songs off her recording "Graciela" in "Keep your distance,"(Stu Pollard) and "Higher Ground.”

Ballet Arts of Bucks County welcomes Graciela Perrone, Flamenco dancer and instructor, artist, and singer.

Ms. Perrone will be introducing the world of the  highly-expressive Spanish dance form, Flamenco. The folkloric style of flamenco  originated in Southern Spain and is characterized by key elements such as baile (dance with percussive footwork, intricate hand, arm, and body movements) palmas (clapping), cante (singing), toque (guitar playing) , jaleo (vocalizations and chorus clapping), and pitos (finger snapping). Explore this graceful and emotion filled folk dance with Ballet Arts!

Read Graciela Perrone's Bio HERE>

*Two  class levels based on age.  General Dance experience/knowledge required  for both levels. Classes are open to those interested and not registered at Ballet Arts of Bucks County.* 

Please call 215-896-3138 or email with questions or  to RESERVE A SPOT. 

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